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Drama shooting ... eeeh a dancing doctor ?????

I don't know if I can talk about it actually but well

Yesterday I went to the crank in (meaning the very first day of shooting) of the drama "GM odore doctor" as an extra.
I just sent a mail through tbs website as they asked for "please many foreigners" for an airplane scene.
Me and my love for airplane >__<

So filming was in a small studio Yokohama (about 1.5hours from my home) inside a storehouse. Inside there's a single room with only the inside of an airplane... This day was very hot and inside the studio too >___< We were all really suffering ! This studio is always used for the plane's scene in any drama !

I went to this alone so I made many friends along the way, all 40's women who looooove johnny's (and one hardcore tacchon's fan) !
Anyway !
When the staff came, they made us take place inside the fake plane ... As a foreigner they change me for like 5-6 times only to finish in the very front row ... So if you watch the drama, maybe you will see me veryyyy well !

After the cast came ! Who would it be ?!
No tacchon >___<
But Higashiyama-sama who he's like perfect, it's scary. He looks exactly in real life like on tv ! When you look at him he's all sparkly, all kirakira !
Ans Tabe Mikako. For so long, I always said I don't really like her that she's not really pretty or all but ... BUT she's wayyyyyyyyy cuter in real life! It was surprising ! Sorry Tabe-chan !

Nobody really know about this drama but when the staff was introduced, there is a ... "dance director"
All the extra went "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh ?!!"

Shooting started bla bla bla

They shoot the same lines for like 5/6 times just changing camera's places !
But as we were in the front, they made us quit the studio for 2-3 hours to film ths cast closer -____-

As I was bored and feeling hot, I went to the toilets many time and ... almost every time it was during actors break and Higashiyama liked to sit just beside the door very close to this... He saw me pass so many time I wondered if he thought I was sick or something (or maybe I was a crazy fangirl who wanted to see him)!

Then we had a bento, with many thing inside and a paper saying the drama's title and that it's the first day.
We waited again... Then finally ! Inside the plane but ... it was hotter >__<
So higashiyama-sama bought for all of us extra ice cream !
He's so kind ! Well he understood well our suffering as he was in the exact same situation !

As time goes, all extra were sleeping... Really we were doing nothing and it was like the most tiring thing in my life !
In the last scene fimed that day, higashiyama-sama was just beside us. The women next to me is a mega/hyper/giga fan of him, she was all dokidoki, it was cute ^^

Scene is :
Tabe-chan meets Higashiyama in an airplane which came back from america. They talk a little and Higashi tell her he's a former idol and do a little dance/song. She's not impressed. But, as any airplane in a drama, an happening occurs.
An old man faint and the stewardess call for a doctor ... Tabe-chan stand up and want to save him, as she is a medecine student. Higashi don't want to move to let her pass...
Then she manages to pass through him and see the patient. The man says he's okay and tries to walk a little. But he stumbles just in front of higashi who moves aside just in time because he doesn't want to touch him. So the man is on the floor and the girls run to him.
*insert complicated medical terms*
But the plane can't land, the situation is complicated ! Oh oh oh
But higashi tell tabe chan that she's wrong with her diagnosis and *insert complicated other medical terms here*. The patient is saved by a simple blanket everybody is happy everybody applause. Then higashi goes along the hallway, very proud of himself. Tabe-chan calls for him:
" Fire-san !"
He stops
"Are you a doctor ?'
He puts away his sunglasses, then turn back, do a little dance and say
"I'm not a doctor, I'm a dancer"


I didn't understand everything very well (me and my poor japanese) so this summary may be wrong.
But it was really funny ! There's even jokes about Shonentai and johnny-sama !

So more than 9 hours of shooting for like 5 min in the drama !
Really I admire any actor/actress now !

So to sum it up : it's a weird drama ! And promised to be funny and stupid !

(and sorry for my english) 

Tags: drama, higashiyama-samaaaaaaaaaaa

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